The Other Hand Puppet Troupe
We are a professional puppet troupe based in Stratford, Ontario. We specialize in creating fun, musical shows featuring original hand-made characters which delight children and their families. Formed in 2011, the troupe continues to develop and grow through collaborations with several talented individuals within Stratford and Canada’s thriving arts scene.

John Powers
John is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, puppet builder, puppeteer, writer, producer and arts educator originally from Regina, Saskatchewan. He has performed extensively with different bands throughout Canada, and released his solo record “Sustain” in 2007. John also performs with his wife Melina in her band, Yellowbird and the Open Cages. John founded The Other Hand Puppet Troupe in 2011 as a way to bring life to a variety of puppet charcters he has created, and to combine several of his passions in one medium; music, puppets, entertaining and educating children, and building community. John also started up the new arts education EASE: Engaging Artists in Student Education as a way to connect local professional artists with the schools.

Melina Powers
Melina is a singer/songwriter from the Belgrave area who now resides in Stratford. She has been performing for years in the area and beyond, first in her band with her brothers, Silence, and now with her group Yellowbird and the Open Cages. With the release of her debut album in 2012, Melina is poised to explode onto the Canadian Music scene. She teaches private singing lessons in Stratford.

Ian Morton
Ian is a singer, voice actor and elementary school teacher living in Kitchener. Ian is very involved in community organiztions in south western Ontario and has recently discoverd a love for puppetry and creating memorable character voices. Ian teaches music and Grade 5/6 at Bedford Public School in Stratford.